Growth Plan


Decade of Growth Campaign 2010-2020

“I tell you open your eyes and look at the field. They are ripe for harvest.” John 4:35b

The coming decade will be a decade of reaping. The ELCM with God’s help has sowed bountifully over the last 100 years. Now is the time of Harvest. Being involved in God’s work is not an option but rather an obligation. Sharing the love and the blessing of God that we enjoy with others is the call of the time. Every member of the ELCM is urged to be involved in this campaign for “Each one Reach one Each Year.”

Why the excitement? It is God’s timing for us to involve in this harvesting work. God has promised us saying that he is doing a new thing through the prophet Isaiah. The government of Malaysia allows us to evangelize 45% of our population who are non Muslims.

How: Know Jesus and Make Him Known

  1. Pray for God’s leading
  2. Learn a method of sharing
  3. Make a list of name of people who need salvation
  4. Pray for them and ask God for the opportunity.
  5. Call them to say “hello.” Invite them to your house prayer meetings.

Who: People who need salvation

  1. Family members
  2. Your relatives
  3. Friends
  4. Christians who are not attending churches
  5. Backslidden Christians

When: Commitment first

  1. Pray regularly for the person in the name list
  2. Pray every Sunday and make a visit on the last Sunday
  3. Visit as many people as you can on Sundays.

Who: All believers and all auxiliary bodies

  1. Buddy (friendship) evangelism is the best
  2. Each one Reach one
  3. Each one befriend one
  4. Each one care for one

Into the fold

  1. Introduce the person to your pastor or elder
  2. Introduce the person to any auxiliary ministry.
  3. Encourage the person to attend worship services.
  4. Pray with the person concerned
  5. Encourage and motivate the person to read the Bible and to join the fellowship of believers

Date of Launch: 23 June 2009



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