Two Fold Diocesan Objective

Twofold Diocesan Objective: 2009 – 2020


This ELCM 5 Year Plan (2010-2014) is based on my observation and assessment during my visitations to the various congregations in the last 8 months. The outcome of these visitations coupled with a range of duties ingrained in the office of the Bishop has given me the insight to produce this ELCM 5 Year Plan (2010-2014). I have considered some practical areas of our ministerial tasks, mission strategies, administrative responsibilities, and leadership roles to explore in order to further strengthen and expand the ELCM over the next 5 years. I have assumed the Office of the Bishop with a twofold objective based on the ELCM Vision and Mission statements: (i) to strengthen the ELCM, which has 5 directives with targets to achieve and (ii) to expand the ELCM, which includes another 5 directives with targets to be achieved. By having this twofold objective as the nucleus of my planning for the next 5 years, I have outlined this ELCM 5 Year Plan (2010-2014) for your perusal and implementation at the Diocesan, District and Congregation levels.

Please download the Twofold Diocesan Objective: 2009 – 2020 found above. This book contains :- Part 1  Twofold Diocesan Objective for the Congregation Targets to Achieve 2010 – 2014 Part 2  Twofold Diocesan Objective in Detail Plan of Action Part 3  An Overview: Proposed Programmes (Diocesan, District & Congregation levels) Part 4  ELCM Programme for the Years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014